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Even the loveliest woman knows that true love kills. So you can’t actually go on living without dying first. Men know this more than women do. This is actually why lots of guys are more into moms. They’ve got the experience and they know they can learn a lot from someone who’s got the wisdom of a true lover. What’s even more amazing is that at a point in time these moms get bored with their lives and they know what they want — someone who is willing to knock on their doors and be the knight. That is why Pervs on Patrol is always on their way.

If you believe that a woman is worthy of your love because she is sincere, then you are probably mistaken. You have no obligation to make her happy. To me it’s the woman’s responsibility to make a man happy. That’s as far as my experiences tell me because most of the time, women are cruel, they take men to their advantage. A woman knows that when a man falls in love, he is always be under her spell even when she denies her, even when she is doing nothing more than making a fool of himself. But also, you can’t really teach a coward what true love means. He must die from the lack of it in order to realize that it is the most important thing in this world.

If you happen to be one of these shattered and disillusioned men, you need to be renewed and nobody can do that better than a woman with real experience. That is then a mother’s duty, someone else’s mother that is. You have to feel her, be inside her and you will know what it’s like to be a man — no more calling you a boy. A pervy son is what you need to be, of course to someone else’s mom, just to make myself clear, but yeah the videos here will send you the same message anyway.

The videos of PervsonPatrol are always funny I’m gonna tell you that. And they’re funny in the best of ways, you know like witty humor and all that. A boy visit’s his best pal’s place. Best pal goes away for a while to buy some cool snacks for their football TV night. Boy waits till best pal comes back, then mother shows up while her son is away. She gives her the signs like Stacy’s mom would and then the magic happens eventually. Yeah, you get over 2,000 plus videos like that and these are all in HD quality. These are videos you can download too. All the mothers here are hot I’m telling you and these are mothers from the different walks of life in America. That’s a lot of variations for you.

You can’t blame yourself if you have become pervy and interested to moms. Most of the time moms are hot, especially when they know how to look after their lifestyle. Mothers have more sexylicious builds, even when they weigh a bit more most of the time. They have more developed boobs and bustier asses. That’s a lot of magic and wonder for you to tap into. It’s time you drown yourself in that kind of magicality with Pervs on Patrol.