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Once the media inside the website called Joy Bear Pictures is loaded on the screen, the activities look to bring a tear of pleasure to your eye, a tear of joy at finding hot hardcore! The British people have been making sure that they have original award winning site online, because not everything is made by America, as you’ll see here. What they make is called sex-positive (although generally all hardcore explicit content has sex in it, some of the videos tend to rely on exploitative stereotypes for them to draw in crowds). So what does this mean?

Step 1, going into the homepage of the JoyBear website, there’s an immediate online player that loads up some preview of the sex magic that this place is promising. The top menu is for –Home, Chapters, Movies, Cast, Journal, Login, Signup- and the background is black. The scroll down of your mouse gets you to the top chapters that peel back the covers of this website like a naked lady slowly undressing in front of you!

You start with content that shows the performers will be together enjoying their bodies for a long while. There are stories of vampire lovers, biting and kissing, tied up sex with young brave females, lesbians kissing, and it continues. As the ladies are crouched on all fours pushing back on the hard love meat of the boys, they are moaning in all kinds of physical beauty and different sex positions.

This place clearly has tapped into a stream of girls that are affectionate and romantic, even if you are just looking at them. Long black and blonde hair, small and full breasts, tattooed backs and thighs, and the more chapters you happen to come by the more there is updated. That’s why you’ll see that the chapters have been ranked and watched by many members, and after that, you can look at latest movies, models, and see new posts that are added. The website feels like an ongoing story, and the different vignette that the filmmakers here make will leave you open and receptive for more. The JoyBear studio has to make movies, the movies have to be exclusive, these things work out for you when you get inside.

As a great website, they have quality of content in SD, full HD, and high resolution for pictures. The smoothness of filming makes the performers (guy and gals) look angelic, and able to breach the divide between them so that they can become one-with-you through connections of sex. Tools for streaming and downloading or going to watch backstage clips or reading the journal inside gives you something to always do. Joy Bear Pictures production is in many real ways something lively that has come from a Britain studio that’s growing and becoming better than ever.