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$16.65/mo. {60% discounted} for six months

$12.50/mo. {70% discounted} for twelve months


Have you a thing for Norwegian art? In case you don’t know, most of the epic stories that have really made imprints in literature come from the Norwegians, and that would include those of Thor, Odin, Freyja, the Valkyries and everything else that involves Valhalla and the Nibelungens. But the legacy of this truly amazing race (not the game show, but you’re smart and I’m sure this is all rhetorical for you) does not end there. They have their great shares of nude art too that which one of their best sources we’re going to talk about today. This one’s called Hegre Art.

Hegre is actually a family name and the creator of this site goes by the name of Petter Hegre, a Norwegian professional photographer who has had a great proclivity to nudity as an art to an extent that he has chosen to nourish it and create something else through it. In his case, it is his art and its culmination in an entire world of porn videos. The girls here are either Norwegian or pretty much women from Europe. They are glamour girls who can be majestic in a sense that just by seeing them do their thing in the videos, you will feel like you’re flying in cloud nine. That is how art is supposed to be — transcendental. That is how porn goes here in the H. Art database.

Expert critiques would say that Hegre provides top-not, or more to the point, world class porn videos that are really hard to top. The site has been running for so long, it has actually been around for over a decade now, still providing videos with true progress and innovation. For a change, rather than sticking to girls from Europe only, they have decided to expand their scope by hiring women from across the globe, including America, South Africa, select Asian countries and so on. With that said, the the collection has gone to over 450 videos with updates that come in by week and by month. For every 5 minute video, one will be able to see so much more than he can imagine.

To top it all off, there are over 3,500 galleries that are waiting for every new subscriber to unfold. If you want to be able to unravel what Norwegian nudity is all about, Hegre Art always comes first.