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Gogo Bar Auditions is the representation of the nightlife of amazing Thai women who are in the stripper business, and you salivate for what they have if you are into Asian babes and casting videos. The girls are charming dancers who are looking for job opportunities at GoGo bars, and are usually an entertainment draw for many tourists visiting Thailand. In this gorgeous country, they have more than just exotic locations and amazing food. They have amazing Thai babes with different talents as you soon learn.

Okay so here is the deal – imagine yourself as part owner of this stripper joint with the poles and clients that you need to satisfy. So you are open pretty much everyday, and you will need many babes for the shows. So what is the thing you need to do? You have to audition beautiful strippers and this requires scrutiny on your part! What you are looking for is a pleasant personality from the Thai girls, but you want to see that killer body. You want ass, tits, lovely legs, plump pussy, no but wait, how will you know the stripper has a wet moist pussy? You have to fuck her. Just like casting call videos from Europe and the USA, in this case in Thailand, the director is running the club and need pussy service first from the strippers before thinking about offering them some sort of job.

Anyway, all auditions end up with cock in ass, cock in pussy, cock in mouth, cum shot cocks, orgasms, facials, etc. Gogo Bar Auditions has the tendency of finding most petite fit young strippers. They know how to dance\strip and come auditioning prepared to fuck and you will like the curvy babes alongside the small-tit\tight-ass slim ladies. Ages often happen to be 18 to 24 year olds. According to the descriptive notes on each update, some of the girls are amateurs at this, others are experienced pros. Under each update the content is labeled with the date, age, setup description, and thumbnail previews.

There is some talking when the video starts as you are introduced to the Thai lady and then there is dancing and sex auditioning soon follows. It is hard to say that you will recognize the models especially if you have not been fully obsessive about Asian models, but that does not matter so much as you receive videos in 1080p resolution. Alternatively, you can see them in 720p and 480p resolutions. An update a week is the updating schedule and you just scroll down the site looking at the various updates until you land on one you like. They are new so amount is showing but not in the hundreds as yet. There are no downloading video options it is all about streaming. Whether that is good or bad is up to every member to decide (but for us we would have liked to download the videos just saying!)

Whether or not you believe in the fantasy that Gogo Bar Auditions brings is also up to you depending on how much you are willing to suspend belief and just roll with the stories they have inside (some critics say that the realism of the movies is questionable!); But its good fun and its hardcore sex with Thai babes!