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The best things in life are free and that is the way the universe is supposed to work, and it is the way the website Fake Taxi works, somewhat! In London, there is a taxicab dude with randy lust filled thoughts plying his taxi trade. In his cab, the ladies hitching a ride discover much to their amazement that there is more on offer besides the free ride initially proposed. The taxi guy welcomes the ladies to a fantasy world where they engage in an ancient form of trading called barter trading. The guy will take them to where they want for exchange of their bodies, mouth, pussy, or ass! For sex, the taxi guy will drive these girls to ends of the world! The Taxi ride is now a sexual roller coaster and you can enjoy everything, so say hallo to this exciting website!

The drop-dead gorgeous blondes on this set soon discover that this blue-eyed ruffian takes no prisoners. He rides pussies more vengefully than the way he drives his taxi. This site is a refreshing departure from the monotonous environments of hospital wards, offices suites, hotels, kitchens, and shower places that most porn movies revolve around. Watching these clips, you will experience the adrenaline rush that comes from watching mischievous public sex content. The taxi guy also risks making out in the wrong place, but they never get caught.

Movies on this website feature amateurs, models, and seasoned pornstars. The later think that their experience and deftness, can easily school the faceless but naïve cab driver. They later on discover that they are self-deluded as they are expertly, ravenously torn apart by the taxi guy. In other Fake Taxi clips, the loud moans of some horny couples riding at the back seat get unbearable for the chauffeur. Eventually he has no choice but to join in – (albeit unsolicited) – for a piece of the pie. The website interface is good, Maneuverability is easy; you just need to check out the several pages as you browse assorted content.

If they could consolidate the access tabs, so that it is easier to browse the indexed pages, that would be great. The fact that the pages can only be opened sequentially makes matters difficult for some people. So that you can quickly access and log in, you should consider bookmarking this website. And we hope that improvements will come. The directorship is nevertheless interesting, with witty conversations before the real acts. The brief synopsis of each act greatly quells curiosities you may have, which is quite considerate of the producers. The models are authentic in their persona making the hot sexual escapades appear more spontaneous, rather than pre-planned.

The downloading of the videos is available in full HD formats, with the ability to stream them using the embedded player. Tune in today and benefit from other bonus sites like Fake Hospital and Fake Agent as well, all part of Fake Hub network. For anyone crazy about backseat romping and cabin sexual adventures, then Fake Taxi is meant for you.