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Doctors are supposed to make the body better, but what are the doctors inside this place called Fake Hospital doing to their doctors, nurses and patients- jeez! This concept is about doing all that is needed by the doctors and nurses to bring healing and comfort to the patients, even if it means having to fuck them. The patients also coming here are freaky babes who are looking to be touched and inspected from their ass all the way up to their wet delicious love holes. They encourage its half the time, the other time they act all surprised but still encourage it. You will understand the theme of this concept when you have seen the previews inside. The website does not go into the medical fetish niche too deeply, they just use the stories to setup the content.

There are cameras all over the room, at the ceiling, even hidden inside the glasses of the doctor for interesting pov angles. You then see the patient to be treated, examined or whatever coming into the room. There is some talk; there is some light acting and whatever but soon blowjobs and sex is happening. Soon the room is filled with the moaning and the rhythmic love making moves as the healing start happening in hardcore ways. You will find they bring different ladies and patients with different body conditions, so the various ailments they have become nice to watch as they are cured. When they began making their updates, they had said they would be doing weekly updates so that content amount is higher every month.

They are now looking healthy with the amount they have here. Its good and it is in resolution you will also be appreciative of, that is HD resolution 1080p. They also peddle to you movies that show you 720p resolution, movies that have cast ladies from European, Britain and other places. You do have streaming settings, downloads, plus the different formats that are special for each type of watching experience you want. So that gets you mov, mp4, wmv, flv, but you will not find the picture galleries lying around anywhere inside this place.

The type of angles for the films is sufficient enough to enjoy, and it is understandable why they do not have picture shoots. It is in keeping true to their sort of content that they have to keep making such videos without pics. Fake Hospital also comes with bonus materials from Fake-Hub network, more creative stuff inside there.

If you try this website, you will have nurses, sex, doctors, hardcore, patients, and climaxes of all types! Enjoy this.