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What Digital Playground is renowned for is making hardcore DVD movies with creative, funny, ridiculous story lines and for having many productions showing the hottest pornstars active in the business. They are also known for their velocity of production that gets you five scenes every week. Since they have multiple updates, they have been able to accumulate mammoth content count. They have over 2700 movies to show and hundreds of quality DVD movies inside. The Blue-Ray movies they make offer the best studio production in the market, that means perfect editing and filming. In their list of accomplishments, they hold hundreds of porn awards given to them for their performances and production of movies. They play in the upper echelon league of the porn industry with all the big hitters and players.

The real value that is here is in the directors and pornstars that they work with. These are the people who can transform your boring days into days of hardcore pleasure. It seems all top stars who came up in the game and those currently doing their thing have at one time worked closely with these guys. Having been producing since the 90s, you can say that this company has fashioned and built the careers of many recognizable names in the industry. All the content, archived and new, that has passed through the production doors of this company are here for you.

Once inside you can see that comedy, and parodies of big movies is something the producers like doing. There are many fine genres covered here also including orgy, squirt, POV, big tits, teen, milf, lesbian, anal, etc. The format used for the design template is extensive and familiar. First comes the advertisement of new DVD movies made, creative titles and listing of featured pornstars. They have many movie trailers you can sample.
Members are constantly voting on which is the best movie, the best are listed inside. Movies updated with information that includes number of likes, comments, time, date, option to add to favorite or watch latter. They have previews of upcoming content with a catalog of the over 800 pornstars/models they have worked with. The models are linked to their scenes, and members again can comment about the models. Examination of the videos will give you DVD resolution and HD quality as well. The HD option is for current material added. You can stream videos as you please with low, medium, and high-resolution settings available.

There is a lot more that can be said about Digital Playground, but by doing some delightful discovering inside you will be even more ecstatic about your decision to join. This is more than an acceptable pornsite, the quality of porn inside here is staggering to experience. They are heavily entrenched in the industry and this official pornsite has all the correct whistles and bells to get you all of their productions. An offer to join them should be snatched up with the utmost swiftness, so do it!