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When you go inside Dare Dorm, they first start by teasing you that some of the girls you will see inside this coed hardcore pornsite can be found roaming about in your class if you’re in college or university. What they are trying to do is to make sure you understand the reality aspect of their content. It’s said that the students make their own submissions so that they can get their hands on cash prizes of up to 10,000 dollars. If this is the truth, the content inside this site should be molten hot and entertaining. Let’s see if they stack up and deliver what they promise.

This pornsite is dealing with young gals between 18 to 23. They also have categories such as hardcore, blowjobs, parties, college, POV, pranks, reality, stripping, solo, masturbation, group sex, and so forth. With such high prize money, they caught the attention of horny wild coeds who do very amazing things for the camera. If the students seen inside this pornsite cannot find career paths, jobs, education and whatnot, they can consider becoming amateur pornstars judging by the shenanigans they do on film shown inside this pornsite.

Some time back, you would have found that they have minimal content since they started just in 2009. As for now, they have increased their numbers to the point worth talking about and worth checking out. Sadly, the rule about not having a way of downloading the movies still applies. They don’t make you the proud owner of bonus pornsites or content, just what they have. Okay that’s the dark side of things, the sun is still gleaming on all the good things they have. The layout of the site is familiar and hasn’t changed that much. The different tabs inside have got things like live cams, videos, a place you can leave your feedback and all this is just before you get to discover all the new videos that they have.

You shouldn’t mistake the special offers for bonus material, they just advertise other pornsites. Navigating is breeze since the minimal design puts the videos ahead of any other agenda. The videos of dorm room sex parties, dare games that involve coeds sucking and getting facials, or hardcore sex, these are the most important merchandise they have inside.

You will see the videos come from all over the universities and colleges but they make an effort of blurring identification logos, other bits and pieces that might identify the university/college too easily. The parts that show the bodies, the pussies, breasts, asses, and cumshots are not blurred at all. You get video that’s in HD quality of 720p at least. Sometimes the camera shakes, its amateur shot videos so they are allowed to shake here and there. Most of the videos however are steady, clear sounding, great viewing quality. You get all types of girls inside this pornsite. Dare Dorm has been available for some time now and they are here to stay. Come and see the coed porn that they have, it’s a good investment.