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Sure lots of people do not like having many hairs all over their bodies, especially in their private regions, and this fact is more so important when you enter – ALS Scan! No women inside this pornsite have hairy patches around their lovely snatches; they are bare and they like it that way! Clearly, they shave because it is the best way to see more of the pussy, more of the lips, more of the flesh that causes you excitement.

In addition, the girls are not the sorts that are in the fake catalogs of fashion magazines. This is not to say that they are not beautiful, gosh they are! But they are also ladies who are very normal, in that you may even run into them in the streets. They are amateur models and professionals, and natural beauty is one thing they have by the loads. Moreover, since you do not just want to see naked girls doing the repeat performances with no style or twist, the producers here keep making improvements on how they shoot scenes.

Therefore, that means anything goes including the erotic and the more outward fetishes of hardcore. The ladies introduced to this style of shooting were initially left to their own devices. This saw them do masturbation solo and it was the most dominant way the films rolled. They also used girl-on-girl scenes, but now over the year they have come with more variety. This includes male performers, so things are beginning to be more mixed for those who like solo, lesbian, and heterosexual scenes. There have been four videos and three picture sets added which are new. They have online player that is used for playing to the exact place you want, rewinding, and its able to give high-resolution playback.

Another thing is that this flv player buffers very fast so videos do play nonstop. Dimensions of the pictures (of which there are already hundreds) includes – 4900 and 2700 pixel resolutions, with the older having the lower resolution. Even without doing the massaging of the pictures through Photoshop and other like techniques, the average picture here is shot in an expert manner. The lighting, colors, the shaved elegance of the models is all seen naturally in HD screens, and they have HD films too.

It is unproblematic to navigate, and blog area has information that is more diverse. Model index is available, so are tags, favorites, advance search, ratings, comments, but what’s lacking is descriptions of the films. Any other issue are too small; concentrating on what ALS Scan brings as a service provider of risque shaved variety of babes is what we’d recommend you do!